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The European team pulled it off for the second year in a row.

Bad Intentions (Tenah, Ryuki, Mr B) has once again secured a victory in a regional qualification tournament, and will be setting foot in Seoul, South Korea to represent Europe on the global stage!

The four European teams that qualified through the World Championship Qualification Tournament First and Second Preliminaries met at the ESL UK studios in Leicester today to see who would be crowned champion, take home the big piece of the prize pool, and move on to compete at the Intel Blade & Soul Tournament 2018 World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.

Bad Intentions was one of the teams representing Europe at the World Championship in 2017, and by most accounts were the favorite to win this year. They came out swinging and sat Positive Vibes down for a lesson, sending them to the lower bracket in a 6-2 win. Next Bye! and Goblin Spiders seemed very evenly matched, with Goblin Spiders managing to put off a reverse sweep 7-5 win after a very tense back and forth. Positive Vibes then dominated the lower bracket taking out Bye!, and (after Bad Intentions sent them there) Goblin Spiders.

Positive Vibes (Brother Bill, Antrax, Symex) was coming up against the as-yet undefeated Bad Intentions, meaning they’d not only have to beat them once, but (based on double elimination rules) take them out twice to reset the bracket and take the win. Having to fight the boys in Bad Intentions was already a big task, but needing to do it twice was a herculean one.

Although Positive Vibes had just finished their last match and were warmed up, Bad Intentions took an early lead with Mr B catching Brother Bill and bringing the score to 1-0. But Positive Vibes turned it around and tied it up as Symex (Summoner) took down Tenah (Warlock). The 3v3 can sometimes set the tone, as the group composition and cohesion of the team can mean far more than just the simple mechanical differences in a 1v1. The teams appeared equally matched as they traded some damage, but Ryuki (with an assist from Tenah) deleted Symex and set their sights on finishing off the rest of the team, taking the first 3v3 and bringing the score to 3-1. The next two 1v1s were Ryuki once again hammering on Symex, and then Tenah taking out Antrax (Force Master) bringing Bad Intentions to an almost unbelievable 5-1, and striking distance to a very quick win.

With their backs against the wall, Positive Vibes struck back. Both teams showed they were in this match to win, with some incredible counters and trades, but it was Antrax taking out Ryuki that spelled doom for Bad Intentions, keeping Positive Vibes in this match for another round. The 5-3 score still loomed threateningly over the head of Brother Bill and his teammates as they went into the second-to-last 3v3. Positive Vibes was looking to tie it up and take this to a final match, but after some close calls for Mr B and Ryuki, Tenah came in to set Antrax back on the bench, and put the pressure on. After regaining their composure, a combo from Symex and Brother Bill took Mr B out and looked to secure a win. With Positive Vibes’ Antrax and Brother Bill having low health, were able to take down Tenah, and after a valiant effort from Ryuki coming back in at 25%, Positive Vibes was able to secure two additional points and tie it up at 5-5.

The final 3v3 would decide if Positive Vibes would reset the bracket and need to do this all over again or if they’d be taking 2nd place. After an early lead from Brother Bill taking Ryuki down to 15% and Tenah to 50%, a win looked within reach. Tag after tag Positive Vibes was coming out ahead, forcing their low-health opponent to continually tag out. But it was Symex (Summoner) who—1 second before he would be automatically swapped for a teammate—was caught by Tenah and Ryuki, taking him out and removing a key player from Positive Vibes. All Bad Intentions players were well under 50% health and—in a back and forth trade of lives that must be seen to be believed—Tenah focused down Brother Bill, Tenah was then taken out by Antrax, and Antrax was then taken out by Mr B and Ryuki.

Bad Intentions secured the win and tookthe title, biggest chunk of prize money, and a ticket to the World Championship in South Korea, representing Europe for the second year in a row.


European Finals


Prize (USD)

1st – Bad Intentions


2nd – Positive Vibes


3rd – Goblin Spiders


4th – Bye!



Thank you to all the teams that competed this year from across North America and Europe! We’ll all be watching Happy and Bad Intentions as they take to the global stage at the Intel Blade & Soul 2018 World Championship in Seoul, South Korea beginning on September 7. Full viewership details can be found in our World Championship overview.

Stay tuned to http://esports.bladeandsoul.com and @BnSEsports on Twitter as we cover the continuation of our Blade & Soul Esports events.

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