Catlateral Damage bringing first-person feline free-roaming to PS4 this month –

Catlateral Damage, which developer Chris Chung rightly describes as “a silly game about being a house cat on a rampage,” will launch on PS4 March 22.

“Cats hate everything” is the crux of Catlateral Damage, which plays like a first-person shooter where the guns are replaced by paws and the enemies by shelved valuables. Our own Joe Donato found that it delivers the same therapeutic simplicity of games like Katamari Damacy.

In addition to a standard objective mode wherein players break things under time limit, Catlateral Damage also includes a free-roam litterbox mode.

“In both game modes, you can collect upgrades by playing with various cat toys to improve your movement and swatting abilities,” Chung said in a pun-filled PlayStation Blog post. “There are also some random events that will occur periodically, some of which reward you with power ups and some that are just for fun.”

Catlateral Damage was born in 2013’s 7DFPS, a seven-day game jam competition. Chung said his childhood cat inspired the game, but that he’d “always wanted to play a game where you could see through the eyes of an everyday house cat.” Following the contest’s completion, Catlateral Damage found Kickstarter success in 2014, and came to PC in May 2015.

Catlateral Damage will be available for $9.99 on PS4, and $7.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. A Vita version is not planned at this time.