Gold Making: 3 Simple Steps to Increase your Gold on powersportservices

Peelyon outlines a few key steps that can help you make more gold, regardless how much you have!

Gold Making: 3 Simple Steps to Increase your Gold on powersportservices


I wanted to highlight a few very simple things that can help almost any player increase their overall gold, as sometimes you can lose sight of the basics when grinding.  This thread is meant to be light-hearted but the tips will actually work if you stick to them.

With the Legion launch there have been a great number of returning players.  If you have had similar experiences to me, prices for items have been pretty crazy so far and I’m finding more and more players asking the simple question “How do I make more gold?”

There are more gold making “methods” than ever before but rather than going into specifics that can sometimes can be complicated and time consuming, I’m going to go back to basics.

So whether you are a returning player, a player struggling to get to grips with gold making or a gold making veteran – I hope these three simple steps will at least get you focused for making some gold.  

The 3 Simple Steps

1. Don’t Spend Gold!

Not to always be taken literally!  If you’re raiding you still need to have gold to repair and buy potions and flasks etc, but don’t spend gold on unnecessary items.  Some examples:  

  • Buying a 20k mount when you probably won’t use it more than 5 times.
  • Changing your transmog continuously (it costs more than you think – the same goes for changing your hairstyles).  
  • Paying premium prices for pets and toys that you probably won’t use for a while (and you can buy at a later date when they are much cheaper).  

You get the point.  By making a concerted effort not to spend gold, as well as trying to make gold at the same time, your gold will steadily increase.  Craft what you can, use friends / guildies to make what you need for raids, gearing etc.  The less you spend the more gold in your bags!

2. Don’t do anything you don’t want to

There are so many gold makers that try and help players to make gold (myself included), but one of the points I make continuously on my stream is that you should never try a gold making method just because you were told to do it.  If it involves game play that you don’t find enjoyable then you won’t make much gold doing it.  Gold making is meant to be fun and completing tasks that tie in with the way you play the game will yield you more gold in the long run.  So combining gold making with your regular day to day activities that you like doing is better than going out farming herbs if you HATE farming herbs!

If you read / watch / learn about a gold making method but it doesn’t appeal to you, find one that does.  You can make gold in almost any game play within World of Warcraft, from the basic farming materials, to crafting, even selling boosts to other players if you are a high end raider / PvPer etc.  If in doubt try a method that doesn’t require much investment upfront and give it a try.  That way there is no risk to yourself and if you enjoy it you can carry on and if you don’t, you try something else.

3. Motivation is key!

I have touched on this briefly in other articles but it is key to gold making – being demotivated can be the fastest way to spend your gold!  This does link in with point 2 above to some extent, so by keeping things fresh and enjoyable you will keep your motivation up and it will encourage you to make gold.

A great way to keep yourself motivated is to set yourself a gold challenge or a target.  I have set viewers simple challenges before and have found when players put their mind to it they see some great results.  Just make sure your targets are:

  • Realistic

There is no point having 120k and reaching for 1million.  Keep the targets smaller and continually set new ones when you reach them so you don’t get stuck hovering around the same amount.

  • Have a set time period 

By setting a time limit it will keep your motivation up and help you grind out that gold faster.

  • Have a reward (optional)

Although you don’t want to spend all the gold you earn, having a reward at the end may motivate you as well. So if you struggle with point 1 (spending your gold on non essential items) then feed your addiction with your reward rather than spending the gold in the first place 😛

Wrap Up

Remember, all of my gold articles I have written so far are available here.  So if you are looking for a new method check there first (just remember point 2!) 

If you would like some more 1 to 1 advice remember I stream regularly on Twitch and I’m happy to answer your own questions in more depth there.  You can find a link to my Twitch channel here.  

Lastly – if you would like me to set you a goal challenge or a target, post below with your current gold (feel free to add in extra info such as what you enjoy, your professions and a rough amount of time you play per week).

Good luck with gold making folks and keep an eye out for more articles in future!

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