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Now they’re heading to South Korea to represent their region at the World Championship.

After a day of fierce competition, Happy (Zach, DuckBalls, Virus) has emerged victorious!

The four North American teams that qualified through the World Championship Qualification Tournament First and Second Preliminaries met at the ESL UK studios in Leicester today to see who would be crowed champion, take home the big piece of the prize pool, and move on to compete at the Intel 2018 Blade & Soul Tournament World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.

The day began with a match between Bold and Brash and Guardian, with Guardian taking the early win by outplaying them in the 3v3s. Next up Happy showed they were ready to defend their win from the First Preliminary by shutting down Legacy and sending them down to the lower bracket to meet up against Bold and Brash.

Happy and Guardian then met on the battlefield to see who would go to the Grand Finals, and Happy politely led Guardian down to the lower bracket to face off against Legacy who had just finished packing Bold and Brash’s bags and sending them home. Guardian fought their way back, knocking Legacy out, and seemed determined to make this a repeat of the knock-down-drag-out preliminaries.

The day was largely upset-free as the first and second place teams that qualified in the First Preliminary met once again in today’s Grand Final. If Happy won the match, then they would win the entire tournament as they had no losses. If Guardian won, they would each have a loss in the double-elimination tournament and that would force a bracket reset. The two teams would then play again, winner take all!

Guardian (Dahbears, Ikenie, Yis) was able to take multiple 1v1 matchups, including a very surprising win from Ikenie taking down Virus in an Assassin mirror match. The 3v3s were going to Happy though, which left Guardian absolutely up against the wall in the Set 7 3v3. As their last gasp before being knocked out, Guardian managed to take out Zach and expertly weave through the match to ultimately score a win, bringing the score to a tie. Showing that these two teams absolutely deserved to be in the Grand Finals together, it went to the last and final 3v3. Immediately upon match start Virus was caught by a stun and almost deleted from the match, meaning he’d need to take a back seat while recovering. Guardian once again focused on removing Zach, and once he was out of the way they looked to clinch the win. But a surprise combo took out both Ikenie and Dahbears, leaving only Virus and Yis. These two players—who played together in team Hurricane in last year’s Regional Championship—brought the entire competition down to a 1v1. Ultimately it was Yis’ expert Warlock play that took out Virus, bringing the win to Guardian, who reset the bracket, and both teams prepared to do it all over again.

Showing they weren’t taking this bracket reset lightly, Happy handily took the first two 1v1s, but Guardian having found the secret formula to Happy’s 3v3 strategy took the first. They then traded their next 1v1s heading into the second 3v3 once again (you guessed it) tied. This second 3v3 went a bit different as Happy seemed better prepared to counter, but Zach was once again the focus and after Zach fell, DuckBalls and Virus held on as long as they could, but Guardian ultimately took the set and brought the score 5-3. With a win in striking distance, Guardian set to repeat brewing their secret Happy-killing formula, but this set went decidedly differently. Each team knowing this was the deciding match played more defensively, but it was DuckBalls taking out Ikenie in a clutch wallbang that put Happy in a much better position, and they ultimately took Guardian out to once again tie up the score and once again meet in the final 3v3.

It once again came down to the final 3v3, and Virus changing up his build seemed to throw an unexpected element into Guardian’s formula, and after trading kill after kill he was able to ultimately bring it home for team Happy and secure their spot at the World Championship. A truly incredible matchup between these two teams taking it to the final set each time, and a well-deserved win by team Happy.


North American Finals


Prize (USD)

1st – Happy


2nd – Guardian


3rd – Legacy


4th – Bold and Brash



We’re looking forward to seeing how the Europeans fair tomorrow, August 26, beginning at 5:00am PDT/1:00pm BST live from twitch.tv/bladeandsoul.

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