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The Taken King has brought many changes to Destiny, including a new focus on story and a questification of all its content. Alongside that new content, Bungie has also doubled down on adding secrets inside Destiny, including events that can only be unlocked at specific times, like the side quest that unlocks a previously unknown exotic sniper rifle Black Spindle.

It is the discovery of Black Spindle, within the Daily Heroic version of the mission ‘Lost to Light’, that has ignited the Destiny community. For example, the Destiny subreddit has been filled with threads where players share theories of possible secrets inside each day’s Daily Heroic mission. Levels are being scoured for secret passageways and objects in hopes that something will trigger a quest or drop the next elusive Exotic reward.

Today, reddit user DstSLeep posted a thread showing a new secret location within Paradox, a new story mission in The Taken King that takes players back to the Vault of Glass to discover more about characters in Destiny’s lore.

Players who have faced Atheon in the Vault of Glass will recognize the hidden location – it is the forest or Venus side to which players are teleported during the Atheon encounter. But in this version, it is filled with Taken enemies including a giant boss. Once the boss is defeated, players are directed to a chest that contains a Ghost, which will unlock a Grimoire card and advance the quest The Taken War: Venus.

This area will likely be accessible through other means when the Paradox mission comes up as the Daily Heroic, and the only way to enter the area currently is by glitching into it. Instructions on how to glitch into the area can be found on the Destiny subreddit, but it essentially involves manipulating the end of the mission to respawn into the new area.

Destiny Atheon

However, it’s very important to note that players who enter the area do so at their own risk. In fact, it is strongly recommended that players not do it. Because the mission and the Ghost received at the encounter’s conclusion are tied to a quest, the possibility exists that completing it early will make it impossible to further the quest line when Paradox eventually becomes the Daily Heroic. The ghost may be a trigger for the a larger quest, but only when the modifier is active. So, if a player picks the ghost up early, it may not be there when they go back the second time.

Players who have continued with the basic quest anyways and handed in the Ghost to Lakshmi-2, the Future War Cult vendor (it is a Quest item, not a shell that it equipped in the inventory), have reported they were rewarded with faction reputation, an unlocked Grimoire card, and five Motes of Light.

It’s definitely exciting for many in the Destiny community to see a new area and Taken encounter within the Vault of Glass, but it’s also something players should likely wait to access to avoid any potential bugs that could halt their quest progress.

Have you glitched your way into this new area inside the Vault of Glass? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Destiny subreddit

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