powersportservices – Secret World Legends Expounds on its Free to Play Model

Just what does free-to-play mean to Secret World Legends? A new blog post from Community Manager Andy Benditt has elaborated on the Secret World Legends free to play business model, offering insight on just how much of the upcoming MMO will be available without cost.

powersportservices - Secret World Legends Expounds on its Free to Play Model

According to Benditt, all 100+ hours of mission and story content will be completely available at no cost, including stories, dungeons, and later updates to the game’s narrative and content. The game’s business model is built on the pillar of two currencies: Aurum and Marks of Favour.

Marks of Favour is a currency that will let players purchase a broad selection of items, including potion refills, weapons, dungeon keys, cosmetic items, and more. These Marks are earned from in-game activities like completing daily challenges and selling items to others in the auction house. Aurum, on the other hand, is the game’s premium currency bought with real-world money. Character slots, boosters, mounts, outfits and more can all be purchased with Aurum.

Between the two currencies lies an Exchange that will let players trade Aurum for Marks and vice-versa, granting players the flexibility to gain the currency they desire for the stuff they want without being forced to pay money if they so wish.

The full breakdown, along with a handy infographic, can be found on the Secret World Legends website.

Our Thoughts

The Exchange feature should be very good news to players who are worried that they’ll be unable to get items from one market or the other without paying for it, but one important question remains unanswered in this post: the exchange rate. Time will tell what that will be like, so all we can do is wait for the game’s release on June 26th to find out for ourselves.

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