Someone calculated the amount of time devs spent talking vs showing games at E3 2016 on powersportservices

Gamers come together every summer to watch the year's biggest gaming event anyway that they can, but E3 isn't all games – there's a lot of talking too. Some game companies talk quite a bit, while others tend to focus on the games. 

One of the most recent podcasts from Easy Allies looked at last year's E3 event and mapped out how much of each event was spent talking versus how much of it was actually spent on games. With this in mind, the Easy Allies community managed to work up a percentage for each conference that revealed how much of the presentations were focused on games: 

  • Sony: 70.6% (53:43/1:16:35) 
  • Xbox: 55.7% (49:52/1:29:35)
  • Ubisoft: 51.8% (1:00:35/2:00:00)
  • Bethesda: 50.2% (29:33/58:55)
  • EA: 24.1% (13:33/56:15)

Clearly, EA does a lot of talking. Ubisoft came in with the longest presentation with a full 2-hour long show and one full hour of talking.

With Microsoft's event running longer than usual we can probably expect some extra talking. However, with Nintendo's short presentation… we better hope for mostly games (as is the Nintendo way).

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