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As long as there has been video games, there has been tie-in products. Whether enjoying a bowl of Super Mario Bros. breakfast cereal or a statue from Batman Arkham Knight, these products are able to exist because there is (or was at one point) demand amongst consumers to see them. Pokemon is one such gaming franchise in particular that’s far from estranged to such treatment, seeing everything from an ongoing anime to trading cards.

While consumers across the globe have become accustomed to seeing Pocket Monster products on store shelves, there’s never been anything quite like what’s part of The Pokemon Company‘s newly revealed Hip Pop! Parade collection. This particular line of merchandise has opted to focus on a particular part of some of the most widely recognized beasts from the series, and that part just so happens to be their butts.

Announcing the (for the time being) Japan-exclusive lineup of collectibles, The Pokemon Company has revealed a number of items that focus on the Poke-posteriors of several monsters. The creatures that now have butts featured across a medley of items are none other than Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buizel, and Azumarill.

There’s a massive lineup of items featuring the cutesy rears too, with everything from pillows to keychains and coffee mugs to underwear making up the entirety of the line. There doesn’t seem to be a real reason for it either, as the products are all inexplicably based on the tail end of each of these Pokemon. As of this writing there are no plans to release any of these outside of Japan, but there will undoubtedly be dedicated importers and collectors looking to add a stuffed Pikachu butt to their collection.

All of this follows on the heels of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s big unveiling of Pokemon Go, which will be a mobile game that allows users to explore the real world and capture their very own monsters. While the game itself is still severely lacking in details, it looks like it could be a major means of profit for all of those involved with its development. Even then, it’s odd to think that tape featuring the behinds of Pokemon is an idea that the same company approved, funded, and is now putting into circulation.

Since 2016 marks the the 20th anniversary of the ever-popular RPG, there are sure to be heaps of additional Pokemon-related news in the coming weeks and months. With that in mind, stay tuned to Game Rant for more details.

What do you think of all the new Pokemon butt merchandise featured in the Hip Pop! Parade line? Will you be investing some cash in the newfound products? Get at us in the comments.

Source: Hip Pop! Parade (via GameSpot)

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