So what’s the point of Runescape if you’re just cheating yourself of it?

It’s quite pathetic, you think it’s funny. I personally think it’s sad that you can’t do something the hard way, that you have to do it the easy way. Then again there’s a bunch or retards in the world like you, making me wish that your mother would’ve swallowed your dumb ass. It’s okay I should feel more ashamed because of your “specialness” and incapability.

i am getting in to rs gold farming, i have used RiD and i can get around 5-20 million per 10 names, i have 10 pc running [ each was about 300$ so cheap ] and at 0.21 per million i make about 1-4 per hour right now and plan to expand, every 10 days i get a new pc [ or when ever i sell enought rs gold to get a new one ], right now my main gets around 400 million every day and i sell most of it. also, you can get chepa osrs gold on

I really should swich to VM or VPS, but I had so much money at the time that I just got a crap ton of computers [ 75 at the peak ] now I only have 12 left.

there not the bots you get off the street, these are highly payed for bots, like my fire rune making bot for dead man mode, 20$ for the program, 97 hours and no bans .

they did not use that much power, but ya I really don’t understand how I did not blow the power, I bet it did happen every now and then and I bet the power system ere is good .

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